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What to expect

Here's what to expect from our Google Ads Checklist.

Get a step-by-step checklist to help you manage your Google Ad Campaigns.

The Google Ads checklist breaks down Google's Advertising platform and optimization techniques to help you focus on what drives the best results:

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Includes free ROI/ROAS Calculator
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Includes free Keyword Planner Template
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Includes Callout Extension Cheatsheet
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Website Optimizations
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Business & Campaign Planning
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Best Tools & more

That's how MVI Construction generated $75 home remodeling leads which added $150K+ in new pipeline value in 60 days.

Within a few weeks of implementing our Google Ads checklist, MVI Construction's advertising campaigns generated home remodeling leads at $75 per lead. Over the course of 60 days, MVI's pipeline value grew to $150,000+.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“These leads are absolutely solid and besides the CRM My Local Ads' biggest value is their advertising team. We sold 18 roofing projects that turned into $423k in revenue, in 60 days. Achieving that took us less than $15k in Ad Spend. Needless to say - we are extremely happy with this partnership.“
Zach K.
“Super efficient, transparent and a marketing that understands how important an ROI is! My Local Ads delivered highly qualified leads, have an actual guarantee and we only got charged for a good phone call. Highly recommend!“
Todd H.
“Loved my experience with My Local Ads. Lead quality was better than expected. The CRM is also a gem, with loads of features that 10X'd our marketing output. - without additional headaches.“
Adrien A.
“Believe it or not, the phone is ringing [...] you did what you said, I'm getting calls and it's legit. I mean honestly man, I'm really fu@$ing impressed.“
Ryan H.
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